You can experience the old Bavarian lifestyle with all the senses – also, and, especially while eating and drinking. When the cook, the waitress, the master brewer and the guest are in with their hearts, cosiness and pleasure can turn into lasting memories. The walls of our guesthouse are built from such beautiful moments and experiences of many generations. Calmly and slowly, it breathes the spirit that makes the Upper Palatinate truly special. In every room and every corner, it’s expressed a bit differently, but, always friendly, always festive and never boring.

Pleasant, light solid wood interior, modern and exquisite bathrooms, lovingly tended wooden floors and the in-built glorious history of Bodenwöhr’s smelting work show this spirit in the homely hotel rooms which we’re holding just for you. The Upper Palatinate hospitality is our key concern. Hour by hour, day by day.